Take me to Paris

Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss
by Stephanie Perkins
Series: N/A
Publisher: Speak (this edition)
Published: August 4th 2011 (this edition)
Genre: Young adult, contemporary, romance
Date read: April 16th 2014
My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

 “French name, English accent, American school. Anna confused.”

I know I said in one of my latest post (a billion years ago) that I would start reading The Mortal Instruments-series… BUT… I didn’t.
Instead, my cousin Elizabeth got me into reading Stephanie Perkins’ young adult novel Anna and the French Kiss. “What?”
The name sounds über cliché and the cover was not something I would actually concider to even be seen with (yes, I partially judge a book by its cover. Not always though. Promise)
I gave it a chance, obviously, and I must say… One of the best romantic books I’ve ever read in my whole ENTIRE life.

But then again, I’m only turning 18 soon.

However! The book is incredible. I love it so much. It’s not the deep meaningful, trying-its-best-not-to-be-cliché-kind of book, but rather a book filled with young love and self discovery, if I may say so myself. The characters have depht, they’re not giggling teenagers who think life sucks and every single relationship is the one. They go through difficulities, real difficulities; familiy conflicts and the touble you meet while growing up.


The characters:
First off: ÉTIENNE ST. CLAIR has to be the most perfect literature hunk ever. I have never fallen in love so much with a book character before. It’s mindblowing. And to quote Anna Oliphant, our lovely antagonist: “French name, English accent, American school. Anna confused”. Confusing it is, but to quote her again, this “English French American Boy Masterpiece” is one hell of a hunk. He’s funny, conciderate, nice and well… just perfect! My heart ached a little when the book ended. He has this adorable close relationship with his mum. And his english accent. Excuse me. There isn’t a lot of people that can resist that. St. Clair, as his friends call him, has an insane interest in history. It’s described that he always has his nose in a big history book. Perfect outward and inward, as well as having a good brain? This guy cannot be anymore unexistable. Seriously.
Then there’s Anna Oliphant, a.k.a Banana Elephant. She is such a cutie. She gets shipped off to Paris by her overly Ken-doll-looking-father and is forced to live in a city where she doesn’t know the language. But then! She meets Meredith, her hallway-neighbour, at SOAP (School of America in Paris) who then introduces her to her group of friends; Josh, Rashmi, Meredith AND St. Clairrrrr! After joining their “group”, she quickly became best friends with St. Clair. However, here’s the catch: He has a girlfriend! Her name is Ellie (nickname for Ellen (*ehem* what…) and she is one year older. She used to be one of the group as well, but have somehow started to ditch them after graduating, except St. Clair (of course). Well. Anna falls head over heels for St. Clair, though Meredith is also in love with him. They both have got it bad and a lot happens because of that.

The plot:
One of my favorite moments are probably during Thanksgiving, when they have a break and everybody but St. Clair and Anna leave to travel back to America to celebrate Thanksgiving with them. Alone in only one of the most romantic city in the world,  St. Clair and Anna walk around town and becomes even closer. This happened after St. Clair got some seriously bad news regarding his mum, so it was nice for him to get out. When they got back to the dorm, he didn’t want to be alone, so he asked if he could sleep with her.
LIKE SERIOUSLY. This hot masterpiece of a human-being, who must be the first of his own BREED, asks if he can sleep in your room. A small dormitory room. Could it get any better? Yes.
They slept in the same bed, and things get awkward. Well for them at least. I had a really good time reading these parts. Kicking the air and rolling around, feeling extremely restless. (Yes, that is how I read.) They laid on the bed next to each other, super stiff in fear of touching one another. Dudes, really..? The next morning, they wake up to the hideous sights of their morning self, and just laugh it off all the way to a crêperie-breakfast. This goes on the next few days as well, and well. ALOT happens. It’s insane.
Skip to the last part: I love how they just confesses to one another and finally share a kiss on the top of the Notre Dame. Their affection for one another was visible for the start, and the way the whole thing played out is way too funny. They find out that they could’ve been together a long time ago, hadn’t it been for a lot of misunderstandings. Oh well, shite happens. I love the fact that they found a way to stay close after graduating (them both moving back to America) and continues with they most adorable love.

All in all: 
Recommendation: Overall, I recommend this book to all of you who loves romantic-obvious-happy-ending-books. I needed something uplifting after the Divergent series. Ouff.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (If I could give it more, I would)

UP NEXT: I’ll be reviewing Perkin’s Lola and the Boy Next Door, so stay tuned!

– Ellen


11 thoughts on “Take me to Paris

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  8. Hi! I’m one who loves to read bookblogs and I suddently bumped into your’s 🙂
    I love your book reviews and was wondering if you have “Anna and the French kiss”? Or if you’re going to buy it? And if you do, what’s best to buy? Hardcover or paperback?


    • Hi! No, I recieved it as an ebook on my Kobo app. But I am planning on buying it. Stephanie Perkins recently announced that “Anna and the French Kiss” and “Lola and the Boy Next Door” would be re-released in hardcover, so I’m waiting for that. Either way, I’m more a “hardcover” type of girl. I think they’ll last longer 🙂 oh and thank you so much for loving my blog!


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