#BookBlogWriMo Day 3 – Where I Read

And then there was Day 3 of #BookBlogWriMo – Where exactly do I read?

Like most of the participants have already said, I can read anywhere. As mentioned above, I can lay like a total monkey on the couch, still like a mummy on my bed, or walk and read at the same time. I have done it all.
If I can read, I will pull out my iPad, open the Kobo app, and read like no other. But I do have some spots where I like to read at the most, or where I just simply tend to read at a lot.


In the coziest corner of my bedroom, there’s a comfortable, dark grey armchair from IKEA. When it’s not occupied by a huge mountain of clothes and other random stuff, I like to sit there and enjoy a good book. Usually, I like sitting here, but sometimes, I’m just simply not feeling it.
So then I might relocate to the couch. But if it’s too crowded in the living room, and the TV is on, I’ll probably go and lay on my bed, which is right next to the armchair.

Oh, once I read so intensely that I didn’t notice that I kept slipping closer and closer to the floor from the couch. I don’t even know how that is comfortable in any way, but it happened. I think I was reading one of the Mortal Instruments books. Everything around me kept darkening as the sun went down, but I just sat there and read.

Also, sometimes, if the book is really good and I can’t seem to put it down, I’d even go into the bathroom with it as well. I literally had my iPad against the mirror while I read and brushed my teeth once. I even read when I fix my hair. You get the picture, right? I have a slight addiction for reading. #SorryNotSorry

– Ellen


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