#BookBlogWriMo Day 4 – Why I Blog

I kind of touched on this topic in the first post of #BookBlogWriMo, where I talked about the history of this blog.
But I guess if I’m going to elaborate more on the topic, today’s prompt is spot on; why do I blog?

Well, as I said previously, I wanted to blog. The problem was just that I didn’t really know what to blog about. Or at all. I could write posts after posts, but I didn’t feel that passionate about it. So when I one day decided to launch a book blog, I was thrilled!
I thought that writing reviews would give me a chance to talk about a book I love or loathe, and be able to help anyone out there who would like to read a certain book, but still needed that last push of persuasion.

Furthermore, I wanted to blog because I like to write. Well to an extent at least. I find it fun and exciting to run a blog, and I also get really motivated to continue what I do when someone comments on how my reviews helped them discover more books. I’m spreading the reading addiction out there!

Lastly, I do this because it makes me genuinely happy. It’s like my own little world of paradise, a break from whatever is happening in my life at the moment. The whole bookblog/tube community is such a wonderful thing. I love seeing the readers unite like this.

So, I guess that was all. Next up is #BookBlogWriMo Day 5 – Where I blog.

– Ellen


One thought on “#BookBlogWriMo Day 4 – Why I Blog

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