#BookBlogWriMo Day 25 – How I Deal with Book Hangovers

I’ve got to say, being back on track is a good feeling. Today’s prompt for #BookBlogWriMo is how I deal with book hangover.

Ahhh. The dreadful book hangovers. This is the time after finishing a book, right? When there’s been so much happening and everything just ends epically, and then you get thrown back into reality. That’s the hangover where talking about, right?

Well. There are different things that I do to deal with this situation, it depends on the ending.

Good ending – i.e. the characters live happily ever after and everyone is alright.
I get sad that the story has ended, though I feel a happy feeling in my chest because my characters are happy. The hangover would last for about 1-2 days, depending on how much I loved the book.

Sad ending – i.e. deaths or main characters not ending up together
I would be depressed for the next couple of weeks. If I really loved the book and my OTP didn’t end up together, I’d be sad for maybe 5 days to a week. If I didn’t really love the book, then maybe 2-3 days.
If it’s death that we’re talking about, I could have a three weeks to a month long hangover. I’ve been there. What I needed then was to read happy young adult contemporary romance novels (Thank you, Stephanie Perkins <3) before I was ready to read any gloomy or sad books again. I just needed some time to process it all.

WTF ending – i.e. the main characters just didn’t end up together or the ending was just mindfucking…
I’d probably have a 1-2 days long hangover, but I won’t need that much time to process the whole thing. I’d be fine after a bit of reality, usually.


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