I am the DUFF


The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend
by Kody Keplinger

Series: N/A
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Published: September 7th 2010
Genre: Young adult, contemporary, romance
Date read: February 4th 2015
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

“You can lie to yourself if you want, but reality is going to catch up with you. I’ll be waiting when it does… whether you like it or not.”

After a horrible period of reading slump, I’m finally back on the wagon and updating this beloved blog again. The first book since the reading slump, as well as the first book of 2015, is The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger, written by her at the young age of only 18! The book tells the story from Bianca Piper’s POV, a 17 years old girl who is way too smart and intelligent to fall for the usual cliché crap that most teenage girls do. She hates going out and party, doesn’t believe in young love or even being in love during high school, and sure as hell doesn’t fall for the charms of the -ehem- man-whore Wesley Rush. She hates his guts.

But when things go from bad to worse at home, Bianca finds herself in search for an instant distractions and ends up kissing Wesley… and actually likes it. She ends up having a no-strings-attached kind of relationship with him and this leads to so much more than she thought it would.


The characters:
Bianca Piper: I really liked Bianca. The fact that she mostly didn’t fall for the typical teenage cliché stuff made her stand out in a way. I kind of envy her ability to be so determined about the fact that love is something that would take years and years to build up. She doesn’t live in a fantasy world where everything is simply perfect. She is a realist, and I believe that when you live in the reality, you’ll likely avoid getting disappointed much more than if you have high and unreachable expectations. Sure, though, she is a hypocrite on quite a handful of her values, but well. We’re all humans, aren’t we?

Wesley Rush: Wesley is such a typical “bad-boy-who’s-really-a-good-boy” character. Of course, he is a man-whore and sleeps with anything that moves, but to his defense, like he said, he doesn’t promise the ones he sleeps with anything. He has a rumor, they know the rumor, they know what they’re getting themselves into. Basically: “Wesley Rush doesn’t chase girls. They chase him.”
I really got to say, though; he is a smooth mothershit and sure as hell knows how to charm his way through the guards you’ve worked so hard to put up. Or just simply; charm his way into your pants. He’s one of those guys that you just know isn’t good news, but you just still want to hook up with. Well, luckily (surprise, surprise) he actually has a cute side of him. He actually cares. And I absolutely adore his love for his little sister.
Casey Blithe: This girl is the realest bae. (Sorry, I had to.) She is such a true friend and I love her friendship with Bianca so much. I have a handful of really good friends who I know will always be there for me. I love them so much, so I can understand the good relationship between Bianca, Casey and Jessica. The fact that Casey is always there to help no matter how pissed she is. Also, the way that she cares so much for her friends really scores her a trillion points.
Jessica Gaither: Jessica had such a bubbly personality that I just love so much. Sometimes I do feel like it’s too much, just because I feel like she’s living in a perfect bubble, which someday will pop and she’ll be hit hard in the face by reality. But I really envy her ability to be so positive all the time. She hates negativity, and eliminating the negativity from your mind is really good for your mentality.

The plot:
I love the plot. I really, really, really love the plot. I love how it initially was Bianca using Wesley and not the other way around. Also, I love how Keplinger took up issues regarding alcoholism and mental health, and also how everyone has their issues and that everybody is actually ‘The DUFF” of the group. It’s common that young adults think that they’re the odd one out because they are having certain “issues”. We tend to drag ourselves down and think that everyone else is living a much easier and maybe better life. But that’s not true. Everybody is struggling through their own battles. I know many people will think that these issues are often brought up in literature and such and that it’s a known issue. But look around you, look into yourself. There’s still insecurity over bullshit like that.

This plot review turned quite deep. Just love yourselves. We’re all DUFF’s here. And we’re all good enough in our own ways.

All in all: 
Recommendation: I loved it! There were some parts that I didn’t like as much, but overall, the book deserved 4.5 out of 5. I laughed a lot, and felt the butterflies at least a trillion times.
My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


2015 Reading Challenge: This book was #3 on the challenge; “A book that became a movie“.

– Ellen

5 thoughts on “I am the DUFF

  1. I loved this novel so much, even though it’s been a long time so I don’t really remember it haha. Have you seen the trailer though? They changed the plot so much ahh


    • I totally agree! I absolutely loved the book and the developments of the characters as well as the issues the book deal with. The movie was so simplified and changed too much of the plot that although it could have been an average teenage movie, I absolutely HATED it. They could’ve done so much better but didn’t do the book justice at all.
      Trust me, read the book, it’s so much better 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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