I’m back!

Hello, from the other side. *vigorously waving*

I believe this is my second “I’m back” post but hello to all, I’m back from a very long hiatus and have finally picked up a book again after half a year.

Since my last visit, WordPress has improved a lot and I see quite the change. After surviving my first semester at university college, I’ve had some time off during the holidays. I decided to pick up “After You” by Jojo Moyes and read it quickly before my spring semester starts up again on Monday.

The review will be up soon, once I figure out a new layout for reviewing, as I wasn’t content with the previous layout. Bear with me for a little while longer, yes? I might also be changing the design and other small things here and there on the blog. New year, new ways, right? (hehh.)

It feels kinda good to be back, and I hope you’ll stick around.

x’s and o’s,

I’m free!

Okay, so I know I’ve been very absent lately, but I have a good reason. Kind of.

I was picked out for the year end mathematics exam. Holy cow, I survived that Tartarus. Anyways, I had to study for two weeks straight before going in and finish my very last math test of high school. Which means, I’m now free from math’s grasps until university college next summer. So what’s next?

Well I would like to officially introduce my new plan for this blog!

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